Artificial Turf for Pet Areas

There is nothing better than spending a beautiful day outside with your pets. Unfortunately, pets – especially dogs – can be rough on a natural lawn. Just the act of running around can throw up dirt and compact the soil, thinning your grass and allowing pests and weeds to invade. Urine can also burn your lawn, causing unseemly brown spots.

That is where The Austin Turf Company comes in, saving the day with artificial turf options for every pet owner. Our SYNlawn PET Premium installations are safe for pets and do not suffer from the same issues as natural lawns when it comes to pet excrement and roughhousing play.

Pet Grass Turf Installation for Austin Residents

Keep your pet happy while also keeping your lawn pristine by installing artificial grass for dog and pet use. With the turf options from The Austin Turf Company, you will never have to worry about pet urine and kicked-up dirt ruining your yard. For a free custom quote, give us a call at (512) 601-8077 today.